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    About byhoda



    Shenzhen Byhoda Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2012. We have a long-term friendly cooperation with Hotset, Opti-heat and Watlow which are our designated agents in China. We mainly engaged in the R & D and salesof imported heating pipe, hot runner heating coil, thermocouple and temperature controller. Our company aims to provide best services for Chinese users, such as electrical heating program, inventory and distribution while enhancing the visibility of the product in China.
    Germany HOTSET company has always been its excellent quality, leading-edge production technology and solutions for the industry veteran known (called the global market leader in injection heating). Product range, extensive penetration of industries, including plastics, packaging, medical, automotive and other industries heating system. From standard products to tailor-made according to customer requirements, to diversify production capacity. HOTSET All components are produced at the German headquarters, every product HOTSET ensure uniform heating, high temperature, heating up fast, good insulation, accurate temperature control, etc., unique technology to ensure the life and performance of the heater, prepare by industry trust.
    Our will, as always, adhere to the business principlesof “first-class quality, small profits but quick returns, sincerity service, customer first”. We sincerely provide products and servicesof good quality for our customers. Welcome to our company to negotiate and we are willing to work with you hand in hand for the future development.

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